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SunPower is Southeastern Pennsylvania's ORIGINAL SOLAR CONTRACTOR. Family owned and operated since 1972, our experience is unmatched and our passion for solar began long before PA rebates and Federal Tax Credits existed! We supply and install residential and commercial solar photovoltaic systems for electricity generation solar thermal systems to provide hot water and radiant space heating and solar pool heating systems. We also develop solar fields and large-scale solar projects, including the negotiation of long-term SREC contracts and Power Purchase Agreements. We are also dealers for a multitude of modules and equipment, and can supply turn-key packages for self installations.

Solar systems can be installed on existing homes and businesses as well as or integrated into new construction. Solar-powered buildings cost very little to heat and cool, and provide work and living spaces which are bright and quiet.

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The return on your solar system Investment may come sooner than you think! Rebates and incentives offered by both our Federal Government and the state of PA make a solar system installation more affordable than ever! Payback on a solar system are now 5-7 years for residential installations and even shorter for commercial projects.

SunPower works with local suppliers to reduce transportation of materials and supports small, locally-based companies.  On-site recycling takes on new meaning on a SunPower job, and several of our restored work trucks run on bio-diesel.  SunPower is committed to not only providing our clients with renewable energy and promoting sustainability, we practice this mentality of conservation every day.

Solar power is rapidly growing as a large player in the world's energy usage and economy. Let SunPower transform your home into a comfortable and sustainable space with careful planning and practical ingenuity.

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